When I.T. goes wrong – Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, governments, telcos.

How wrong can "they" get I.T.? Rwhen IT goes wrongecently, there has been a spate of newsworthy I.T. fails that should concern all businesses, and individuals, and remind us to keep on top of our systems, devices, networks, software, upgrades, as well as being cautious when we click.

Facebook and Google have finally fessed up to being conned out of at least $100million in a scam which is becoming far more commonplace for businesses - fake billing using phishing.  The Lithuanian conman posed as an Asian contractor for the two companies and persuaded these companies to wire huge sums of money halfway across the world for services not rendered and goods not supplied.

The moral of this story is: check all of your invoices and make sure everyone in your accounts department double checks who exactly your business is paying.

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Express Telephony announced as ITSPA Finalist – Best Reseller

THE ITSPA AWARDS 2017 AND Best ITSP Reseller 2017 is a trade mark of the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association, used under licence
Express Telephony is delighted to announce that we have been nominated as a Finalist in the ITSPA Awards 2017 as Best ITSP Reseller for our Cloud PBX (Hosted) service.

Industry recognition for the services that Express Telephony provides to our valued customers is always much appreciated. After 32 years of industry experience, we know that it is important to our customers that we are a registered member of trade bodies to continue to guarantee that all of our products and services are of the highest quality and best value.

Urgent Alert for Chrome & Firefox Users: Punycode Phishing

punycode Phishing security alertIt has been brought to our attention that a dangerous exploit is out in the wild, called Punycode Phishing. We feel this is of sufficient major concern to bring to the attention of all Express Telephony customers as a matter of urgency.

In plain English: it is possible to register fake domain names/website addresses for almost any website using Punycode, yet the website will appear to be the original site in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. This could lead anyone to unknowingly enter secure and confidential details into a fake website rather than the original SAFE site. Although punycode has been around for years, certain browsers are not providing a defence against it in its current use. [Read more…]

Cybersecurity is critical for your business


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Cybersecurity is critical

Take action today! No day passes without news of companies having their networks cracked, data compromised, and sensitive details being held to ransom for BitCoin. Do not underestimate the cost of a malicious digital incursion into your business. Nor the grief, heartache, time wasted, customers and suppliers upset, reputations destroyed, and the hard work to restore everything. 

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Mirai router attack affects millions of broadband users

Millions of routers have been hacked this week through open ports, and ISPs across Europe and beyond are working with router suppliers to fix the threat from the Mirai botnet.

Broadband services provided by TalkTalk, the Post Office, KCOM, Deutsche Telekom and Eir have so far been affected, leaving millions of customers disconnected.

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The True Value of Telecom Support

IT & Telecom Support

Is Your IT & Telecom Support Contract working?

Once again, we have seen BT suffering major outages, and as well as this being headline news nationwide (and beyond), our Telecom Support, Support Desk has been inundated with new tickets as VoIP and broadband services country-wide crashed and burned!

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When your data is safer in the cloud…

The Cloud and Unified Communications

Safety in the Cloud

Your business, whether large or small, has a major asset, namely your data and documents, which must be kept safe. Keeping these safe is becoming a full-time business on its own with so many cybersecurity threats, as well as all the other potential problems such as failed hardware, corrupt back-ups (or, worse, no back-ups), fire, theft, and so the list goes on. There will never be a 100% secure solution, particularly as the threats become more diverse and sophisticated each day; however, there is much that you can do to protect this vital asset. [Read more…]

Pokémon Go Could Be Important for Your Business

You’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go. If you haven’t, where have you been? It’s the fastest growing game in the world, and has broken all records for numbers of downloads from both the Apple and Google Play app stores. It has caused thousands of people to learn how to circumvent geographic restrictions on what they can download, because the game was available in the USA and Australia before it could be accessed in the UK. But, more important than this, there have been numerous reports of unexpectedly positive impacts of playing the game. Some of these results include:

  • young people who normally can’t be persuaded to leave the house are now walking long distances in their attempts to catch characters such as Pikachu and Charmander;
  • autistic young people are going out exploring and interacting with others in ways they wouldn’t usually as they are drawn into collaborative strategies to succeed in the game; and
  • businesses and public buildings are reporting significant increases in footfall due to players trying to catch Pokémon. The Church of England has produced its own policy on Pokémon Go.

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This week´s BT outage – did your business suffer?

Plan B for Back-up

It is difficult to understand how such critical infrastructure for the country as that owned by BT to provide telecoms to businesses, schools, homes, councils, government etc could stop working. And cause such disruption. Where is the redundancy, the resilience, the back-ups? However, it should teach us all one lesson and that is we must build redundancy and resilience into our own businesses, networks, equipment and infrastructure, even if BT don´t. This way, we are protected should such an outage occur again. And, undoubtedly it will before ere long.

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